Octane Bantamweight 4 Arrow Quiver

Octane Bantamweight 4 Arrow Quiver

Ultra-Light-Weight Design This new 4 arrow design is extremely light weight and compact keeping your arrows tight to the bow and in optimum position without adding bulk or weight.

Quiver Adjustability This new top mount quiver can be adjusted to meet any preference whether it is overall length, angle or centerline balance. This is the most adjustable top mount quiver ever designed insuring your set up meets your demands.

Parallel Arrow Mounting The hood/gripper geometry holds arrows absolutely parallel to one another for easier extraction. Parallel alignment prevents the vanes from touching and dampens vibration and noise.

Pre-Cut Closed Foam Insert Pre-cuts extend foam life by preventing unwanted cuts while maintaining broadhead sharpness. The closed-cell foam contains a corrosion inhibitor with no oil residue or smell.

Silent Arrow Extraction A simple press of the thumb removes each arrow from the gripper with absolutely no noise. This proprietary gripper design also provides stiffer retention to prevent the loss of arrows in the field.

Quick Detach The BantamWeight comes with a quick detach capability, done by hand in a single motion. No tools means absolute silence.

Vibration Dampening Traditional quivers create additional vibration. Octane's hood, gripper and machined aluminum spine act together to actually remove it. The quiver just became another line of defense against vibration.
















Octane Bantamweight 4 Arrow Quiver
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