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Covert Extreme Black 60 Covert Extreme Red 40 Covert MP-E 5
Covert Extreme Black 60 Covert Extreme Red 40Covert MP-E 5

Covert Extreme Black 60 This camera has same attributes of Code Black without the wireless capability. This 2013 version has HD video with sound capability and a new two phase timer switch. The SD capacity is increased to 32GB! Features: 3-5-8 MP...

Covert MP-E5 Model# 2595 New to the Covert line in 2013 is the all new MP-E5. Looking to add a new simple easy to use camera to our line. The MP-E5 comes with Pre-Sets. These Pre-sets are fast and easy to change in the field because of their...




Covert MP6 CO2434 Covert Special Ops Code Black CO2427 Cuddeback Capture IR
Covert MP6 CO2434Covert Special Ops Code Black CO2427Cuddeback Ambush IR
Covert MP6 "Infinity" Model# 2434 Covert had one thing in mind when designing the MP6: build a capable camera for a low cost! They accomplished this by including several key components and features from their top shelf cameras. The MP6 makes 1...Covert Special Ops Code Black Game Camera This camera uses an activated SIM card from AT&T to text photos to your cell phone or email. You actually don't even have to pull the SD card in order to see what is happening.The 60 Invisible Flash...

Cuddeback Ambush IR takes color pictures during the day and high quality black-and-white IR pictures at night. A 35-ft. IR range produces clear pictures of nocturnal activity. Weatherproof housing features 3-D Reality camo. 5.0 MP!




1 - 6 of 6 items