Cuddeback Ambush IR

Get color pictures during the day and black-and-white infrared pictures at night – without a loss of image quality – with the Cuddeback® Ambush IR. You get 5.0-megapixel images day and night and it can handle 10 second video clips! A 35-ft. infrared illumination range using 48 LEDs produces clear pictures of nocturnal activity. The Ambush IR features also include "Super Simple Setup" and the revolutionary Hair™ Trigger Technology. The innovative Rotary Switch programming makes setup as simple as setting an alarm clock. Test mode determines detection zone and five delay settings let you decide how long there is between camera shots, from 5 seconds to 3 minutes. SD card slot for expanded image storage up to 32GB (sold separately). Weatherproof housing features 3-D Reality™ camo. Best use for trails, rub lines and scrape areas. Takes 8-AA batteries which last up to 6 months.

Cuddeback Capture IR
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  • Item #: AMBUSH IR
  • Manufacturer: Cuddeback
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