Covert MP6 CO2434


Covert MP6 "Infinity" 
Model# 2434 


Covert had one thing in mind when designing the MP6: build a capable camera for a low cost! They accomplished this by including several key components and features from their top shelf cameras. The MP6 makes 1 claim - MORE BANG for the BUCK! With the function and features included, it's easy to see why the MP6 was Covert's Best Selling Camera!

Technical Specs:

  • Adjustable 3-5-8MP resolution
  • 1.2 second trigger speed
  • Color viewer
  • Trigger intervals 1 sec - 60 min
  • Pictures or Video
  • Date,time, temp and moon phase stamp
  • Video resolution of 640x480
  • Adjustable PIR ( low,med,hi)
  • 1-3 photo burst
  • Operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries
  • 28 infrared LED's
  • 45ft Flash Range
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Covert MP6 CO2434
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  • Item #: CO2434
  • Manufacturer: Covert Scouting Cameras
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